Underwriting a Portfolio of Distressed Receivables

Join FLOCK Specialty Finance on Thursday November 8, 2018  |  1 – 2 PM

Learn how to evaluate a portfolio of consumer debt account as we guide you through a sample data file.

Damon Edmonson, the Chief of Analytics for FLOCK Specialty Finance, has been involved in the debt buying industry in financing and evaluating portfolios for over 20 years.

During this informative and insightful webinar, Damon will be talking about how to evaluate a portfolio of consumer debt accounts. He will take you through the process of receiving a sample data file of consumer debt to a predicted liquidations curve, from which a price can be determined to pay for the file.

Underwriting has several steps. This webinar presentation will provide an overview of the basic process for evaluating a portfolio following the Stages of Underwriting best practices:

  • Data Cleaning
  • Stratification
  • Data Mining
  • Batch tracks
  • Composite portfolio
  • Seller Disclosure
  • Liquidation Curve
  • Pricing

The underwriting of a portfolio is the most critical part of the Debt Buying process. FLOCK Specialty Finance combines experience, data, and technology to protect its investors and debt buying partners to maximize returns for all parties.

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