Status Quo Is Not An Option

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Don't Settle For Status QuoOur industry is not only changing, but becoming more challenging. Asset Buyers must question the status quo and ask if they have the right combination of capital and expertise to succeed. Asset buying is about dealing with uncertainty and going outside our comfort zone to get results.

To succeed in the future asset buyers will have to:

  • Scale and Diversify Asset Classes
  • Increase Productivity and Lower Cost Structure
  • Develop an Efficient Use of Capital

Maximizing Enterprise and Portfolio Value

How to Maximize Portfolio and Company Value

The CFPB and the dynamics of the industry are creating uncertainty. This uncertainty is changing the way both portfolios and companies are sold. In today’s world, the multiple a company receives for its EBITDA is determined by a situational analysis.

Getting Ready To Sell a Company

Getting Ready To Sell Or Refinance a Portfolio

This analysis is needed to define what differentiates the assets. This differentiated value is then communicated to the marketplace to find the buyer that will provide the highest value.

FLOCK is interested in creating a healthy industry for both middle market asset buyers and credit originators.

Working with FLOCK is “more than a transaction”. We work with asset buyers to increase their purchases from originators, pricing analytics, liquidation budgets, funding and strategies that maximize collection returns.

Industry Value Chain

How to Get Started: More Information

Doing business the old way is no longer an option. You need to start by understanding what has to be done.

Status Quo is not an Option.

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