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Joint Venture Structure
with Damon Edmondson - Chief of Analytics


More than a Transaction
with Damon Edmondson - Chief of Analytics


The Power of Leverage
with Damon Edmondson - Chief of Analytics


The FLOCK Advantage for Investors
with Tom Palmer - Director of Finance


The FLOCK Advantage
with Michael Flock - CEO


FLOCK Teamwork and Transparency
with John Wheeler - Chief Financial Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

When you deal with a traditional lender, it's typically about the interest rate and the dollar amount and the advanced rate. Flock is much more than that.

We have a deep knowledge of the industry. We have a deep knowledge of analytics. We make sure that the transaction that we're purchasing is going to be profitable for both parties. That's part of the alignment that we set up in our structure.

We find that our clients feel we are truly a partner with them versus just a money lender. Our analytics, from an industry perspective, are very deep. We have underwritten over 1500 portfolios and have performance data on all of them. But better than that, we have Damond Edmondson who's probably the best in the industry at evaluating portfolios and analyzing the data. His knowledge of technology scoring and how data works gives us a distinct advantage in terms of evaluating how our portfolio is going to perform before we even purchase it.

We think the outlook for the environment in the industry of debt buying or financing - what we call alternative assets, is very positive.

With the arrival of the CFPB in 2011, some of the rules and regulations were necessary because there were some people out there taking advantage of consumers. However, in America, sometimes the pendulum swings too far. The industry made it very difficult for small and middle market buyers to compete. And so there was a period of a retrenchment as a result of the regulatory changes that the CFPB enforced. What's changing now is the regulations are easing up a little bit and that's also occurring at a time when we're seeing the volume of charge offs, increasing the volume of credit growing for the American consumer.

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