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Data Science and Information Technology
ATLANTA, Feb. 17, 2023 (PRNewswire) FLOCK Specialty Finance announces a strategic investment in technology and human capital related to data-driven
Excerpt from 'Determine Your Approach' - Collector Magazine When the COVID-19 virus hit last year, most credit originators tightened up
What to Look for When Evaluating Capital for Debt Purchases
On April 15, 2021, at The Receivables Management Association’s flagship event in Las Vegas, NV, Michael Flock participated in a
FLOCK provides data and insight on the impact of the Pandemic on the Debt Buying Industry. In this presentation, John
March 26, 2021 (Sacramento, CA) – A little over a year ago, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, more than 1,300
Conclusion: Tax Filings and Recoveries At the beginning of this series in the first week of February, tax filing season had
February 19, 2024 The title of a recent article in The Economist caught my eye – “How universities contribute to
January 9, 2024 One experimental design concept that no one in financial modeling is using – but should be. Anyone
With most sports conversations in the U.S. swirling around which college teams deserve (or not) to be in the College
As the daughter of a U.S. Marine, the motto “Semper Fi!” was taught to me at an early age; my
As a former college professor, I spent the better part of 20 years telling my students how important internships were
I should start by admitting that we use the AI language model ChatGPT in our office every day; some days
invest financial capital
The most important role in any organization that invests financial capital for the purpose of creating economic value is risk
The great statistician John Tukey once quipped “The best thing about being a statistician is that you get to play
Recently, our CEO Michael Flock, gave each of his employees a Rubik’s Cube. The deceptively innocuous “toy” sits on the
At one point, the lowly punch card was “advanced technology”. In 1889, the U.S. government used paper punch cards for

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