Trish Baxter: A Profile in Grit and Grace

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Trish BaxterTrish Baxter currently serves as Compliance Officer for Recovery Management Systems Corporation, a bankruptcy debt purchaser and servicer. Trish also represents clients in the ARM Industry regarding regulatory compliance and litigation matters.

Her prior industry roles include: General Counsel for Collins Financial Services in Austin, Texas, and as General Counsel for Unifund in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In addition to serving in the Debt Buyer Association as the new President and Chair of the Ethics Committee, Trish volunteers with CASA of Travis County in Austin, Texas as guardian ad litem for children in the child welfare system. She is also a stage-four cancer survivor.

Here is a glimpse of what Trish shared in the interview.

“In challenging times there are always competing interests with various constituencies inside organizations. To manage and balance these interests one must offer all individuals dignity and respect. This is accomplished by listening to what they believe. This keeps communication lines open to deal with the various interests.”

“To compete in today’s regulated environment, each company first has to make the decision if they want to play in a regulated environment. You cannot do business where you cannot make the compliance commitment. You have to understand the compliance risks and make a decision about the costs.”

“As a cancer survivor, I learned that you do not control the future, but you have control of your choices. When adversity arrives, you have to be an advocate for yourself. You have to understand the choices, consider the risks, then have the courage to make the decisions and take the actions.”

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