Tim Bauer: Industry Veteran Whose Experience is Wide and Deep

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When one grows up in a family that includes a brother who became a priest, a sister who became a nun, and another brother who had a career as a stand-up comic, you know one is going to have a unique perspective on life. This perspective enabled Tim Bauer to have a career in the collections industry that is wide and deep.

Tim BauerSo how did Tim get into the collections industry? As a fresh attorney just out of law school and joining a full-service law firm, his initial assignment was in collections. From that first day, he never left the industry.  Being a collections attorney provided Tim with the foundation to understand the industry. This foundation enabled him to be successful in all facets of the industry that included: operations, human resources, compliance, business development and M&A. Today, he has taken this breadth of experience and is the President of InsideARM, in which his ideas and writings are having an influence on the total industry.

Here is a glimpse of what Tim shared in the interview.

“Nobody goes to law school and says, I can’t wait to get out and be a collection lawyer.”

“It’s hard to argue against consumer protection.  And quite frankly, those of us in the ARM industry, we would love to see some more regulation on the FDCPA. It’s a statute from 1977, completely outdated, doesn’t address issues of how consumers want to be contacted today”

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