A Model of Personal and Professional Perseverance, Walt Collins Shares His Story

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Walt CollinsListen to Walt Collins, a prominent figure in the debt buying industry and founder of Collins Financial.  In this interview, he shares his insights, vision and how he has personally been changed through years of living and breathing this business.  Walt shares his successes and challenges as he makes his second entrée in the debt buying industry.

Here is a glimpse of what Walt shared in the interview.

Walt discusses the aftermath of his exit from his first debt buying company; “It took the private equity firm about five and half years to run the company in the ground, and my poor people were losing jobs and losing the opportunity …”

Walt shares his wife’s “miracle” that changed his life.  “You hear them tell you,’… you really have to get with hospice; you’re not going to keep her around much longer.’  And then shortly after, they called to say, ’We have a liver for her and we need your acceptance.  Yes, or no, right now!’

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