Michael Ginsberg: From Intern to Icon

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Mike Ginsberg

Michael Flock speaks with longtime friend and colleague, Michael Ginsberg about his career in the M&A industry.  Mike Ginsberg is the President and CEO of Kaulkin Ginsberg, offering M&A and strategic advisory expertise to the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry for over 25 years, and KG Prime, offering market intelligence for ARM professionals on client industries and industry-specific trends. He is also Co-founder of Topline Valuation Group, providing ARM owners and executives with authoritative technical, financial and benchmarking services, designed to improve decision making at the corporate and operational levels.

Mike is a member of ACA International, DBA International and the Association for Corporate Growth.  He sits on the advisory boards of several industry associations and publications.

He is a frequent speaker on important industry issues and is often interviewed as an industry expert by the trade, financial and consumer media. Mike has been the recipient of numerous industry awards, including the NARCA Don Kramer Award and Collection Advisor’s award as one of the industry’s most influential professionals four years in a row.

Here is a glimpse of what Mike Ginsberg shared in the interview.

With over 150 tombstones of successful deals over 25 years of good times and bad, Mike tells several colorful stories about what he has learned about successful collection and debt buying companies and the people who lead them.

Mike shares some details about his first meeting with his future partner, Marvin Kaulkin: “He said, “No, you’re not listening. I’m not hiring.” And I said, “Thank you, I’ll take it.” And he ended up taking me on literally as an intern. Unpaid for about six months.”

Mike comments on when his company started making a name for itself: “And you might know this company. What really put us on the map was the sale of TRW’s collection agency operation called Chilton Corporation out of Texas.”

“The last word that I would put on there is sustainability. It’s a simple word. Sustainable top line and bottom line performance. Buyers don’t like erratic lines like you see in emergency rooms. They don’t like that kind of stuff. They want to see consistent top line and bottom line growth,” says Mike, as he outlines the recipe for success in selling your business.

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