Lou DiPalma: A Risk Avoider Who Serves Risk Takers

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Lou DiPalma and Michael FlockMichael Flock talks with industry expert, Lou DiPalma, the founder and managing partner of Garnet Capital Advisors. Michael probes his thoughts and insights concerning the debt sales industry – the evolution and impact of regulations and the future for the industry at large. Michael also explores Lou’s business model and how Garnet is adapting to provide support and help its clients take the risk out of their investments.

Here is a glimpse of what Lou shared in the interview.

Lou shares: “the people who take money, OPM, “other people’s money”, invest it and make money… I have a lot of respect for them….” Clients say, “We like you because you take our assets, you deconstruct them, and then it’s very transparent as to who you show it to, the price, and how deals get done. Rather than you buying it, and then making $10 million and then nobody knows what happens.”

Lou discusses his views on his business: “We feel responsible for everything.  So, if I had to say what our best feature is and what our worst feature is, it’s responsibility. Sometimes it’s like, “Okay just get it done.” But our best client is a partner. It’s somebody who we’ve dealt with for a long time and there’s a level of trust there that we’re just going to… We take their assets and we say, “If this was ours, what would we do?”

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