Greg Rable: Pioneer in Alternative Credit Information for the Underbanked

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Greg RableMichael Flock discusses the opportunities in the Underbanked segment of the credit population with Greg Rable, the CEO and founder of FactorTrust, The Alternative Credit Bureau. Mr. Rable, with over 20 years of management in the financial services, technology and credit risk industries, is building a rapidly growing business that helps creditors evaluate risk within the underserved population, commonly referred to as The Underbanked.

Here is a glimpse of what Greg shared in the interview.

“I think that was one of the things that we saw was that there are some consumers in this space that do have a credit card, but not many. If you look at underbanked, it’s consumers that are employed. They have a bank account. Usually it’s a form of a simple checking account. But they just don’t have a lot of traditional credit options. And so, we felt like this was a great opportunity, not only to serve lenders, but also to provide a way to track the data that the big bureaus hadn’t tracked, as a way to help consumers.”

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