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From Loss to Profit: Saving Companies from Collapse

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Lawrence Hirsh headshotPlease join Michael Flock of Flock Specialty Finance as he interviews Lawrence Hirsh and explores his journey from accountant to problem solver. Lawrence is a Senior Advisor at the well-known consulting firm Alvarez and Marsal. Lawrence began his career as an accountant at Arthur Anderson quickly working his way up to Partner. After 17 years, Hirsch, was recruited by Alvarez and Marsal into the role of Managing Director.

Lawrence is currently serving multiple companies and industries as a board member. He consults with various companies to improve business operations, valuation, and performance. Lawrence resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here is a glimpse of what Lawrence shared in the interview.

“I’m a team player kind of guy. Investment banks are “I” kind of places. Consulting firms are “we” places.”

“It’s time to stop doing what I do if you say I’ve seen everything, and I’ve done everything.”

“I am not an expert in any industry. I am an inch deep and a mile wide in my expertise. So, you really have to listen, learn quickly, and when you are trying to build credibility with your client acknowledge you don’t understand the business.”



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