Dr. Jennifer Priestley Joins Academic Theory with Practical Experience to Provide Business with Meaningful Information Through Data Modeling

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Dr. Jennifer PriestleyJennifer Priestley, Kennesaw State University (KSU) Professor of Statistics and Data Science with years of experience in the business world shares her views on the importance of joining practical “real world” experience with theory to organize data in an effort to make decisions, develop processes and create favorable outcomes. In Jennifer’s role as the Director of the Center for Statistics and Analytical Services at KSU, she trains college students on how to create solutions for interpreting data that helps organizations answer critical questions  about their business.

Here is a glimpse of what Jennifer shared in the interview.

“So there’s certainly something, I think, important about being able to stand up in front of group of students and say, “Well I understand this is what you’re reading in your textbook, but let me tell you how this actually works in the real world.”

“They say that all battle plans work until you meet the enemy for the first time, right?  So I can tell you that academic theory is great and I think forms an important foundation for basic decision making, but ultimately, there’s something that is irreplaceable about being able to explain, in practice, how things work”

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