Matt Maloney: Creating a Legend vs Creating a Legacy

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Matt Maloney and Michael FlockMatt Maloney is Co-founder, Chief Investment Officer & President of several companies under the FFAM360 Group (First Financial Asset Management) and is responsible for the strategic growth and development of the company. He is active with ACA, DBA and Experian user groups, holding multiple positions on boards and panels. He has co-authored one of the industry’s official Due Diligence Guidelines Manuals for Debt Buyers published by ACA International.

Matt was born into the industry. His family owned a collection agency. But as the family’s business transformed and grew, Matt thought his career would be something other than working in the industry. If he were to work in the industry, he wanted his children to know the difference between creating a legend vs. creating a legacy. Creating a legend was about what he could accomplish. Creating a legacy was about building a business that was a service to both the industry and the community. Creating the lasting impact of a legacy would become Matt’s focus.

So in 2001 Matt along with his father started a company to buy and finance accounts receivables.

Here is just a glimpse what Matt Maloney shared in the Interview.

“There usually is a significant learning curve when moving into new markets or asset classes. To gain this knowledge, we purchase companies with solid platforms that are less than 50% the size of our company to “tuck in”.”

“Purchasing a company is more than just understanding the numbers. It is about how things really work. Who has the relationships with whom and are they part of the acquisition?”

“We bring a holistic approach to healthcare. We purchase multiple types of asset classes within the supply chain. Moving forward the cash flow is a differentiator. The focus is on providing a capital solution.”

“Using the family history to build a solid a company and legacy requires staying focused and empowering others to help grow the business. For the entrepreneur, this is not easy at times. It is hard to empower when your house is at risk. Most people do not appreciate the life of an entrepreneur.”

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