Chris Hogg: Still Enjoying His “Gap Year” 40 Years Later!

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Chris Hogg

Chris Hogg has been the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind several businesses in the consumer financial services and consumer product industries. He is an Australian citizen and currently resides in Bryn Mawr, PA, USA. Chris is the President of Broad Street Holdings, LLC which recently acquired SRA Associates, a NJ-based debt collection and receivables management company; North Shore Agency, located in NY, is a letter-based collection company; and a California-based auto loans business.

Chris is Chairman of National Surety Underwriters and National Fidelity Reinsurance Company, founded in 2014, underwriting surety guarantee and contract bonding business throughout the USA. Chris is also the Independent Director of CCA Industries, a consumer products company (NYSE American: CAW). In his most recent venture, Chris founded EmployeeCash, a unique digital workplace consumer loans platform.

Chris was the chief executive officer of Australia’s largest privately-owned debt collection agency specializing in credit card debt recovery. He then joined the first board of UK-based Marlin Financial Group (MFG), a start up in the distressed receivables management business. Eight years later, MFG grew into the largest privately-owned business of its kind in Europe and was sold to PE investors for substantial gains in 2013. He was Chairman of The Mint Corporation, a publicly listed debit card and payroll processing company. Under Chris’ direction, Mint grew into a respected leader in the highly competitive payments processing sector in the MENA Region, operating in four countries. In 2013, he retired as its executive chairman.

Here is a glimpse of what Chris shared in the interview.

C. Hogg and M. Flock

 I graduated high school at barely the age of 17… I got into business and as soon as I started earning a salary, the idea of staying in business looked a heck of a lot more attractive than going to university. So I put it off for another year and another year… I’m in my fortieth year of that gap.”

“It’s never really been about the money… It’s about creating something. It’s about building something. It’s about the success of taking something from nothing and turning it into something from $1 to $65 million…. if I look back, I could have made some decisions that would have actually made me a lot more money, but it probably wouldn’t have been as gratifying to me as building a business and creating jobs and creating futures for people.“

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