Tom Fricke: Lessons of Balanced Leadership

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Michael Flock and Tom Fricke

Please join Michael Flock as he talks with Tom Fricke, a highly successful large scale corporate executive who developed the Balanced Leadership Model. Hear how Mr. Fricke used this practical approach to everyday interactions and opportunities to mold highly effective, successful organizations.

Here is a glimpse of what Tom shared in the interview.

The importance of being flexible: “…You’ve got these initiatives that you’re driving that you believe you are going to drive change…[but] you want honest feedback because sometimes you get it wrong. In fact, every turnaround I’ve ever been successful in is ultimately turned around because of initiatives that I did not envision when I got there.”

On the balanced leadership model: “The great people I’ve always worked for were balanced…they were demanding but they could be patient…they’d get angry but then they would be incredibly patient.  They’d be strategic, but then wouldn’t be afraid to go out in the plant, get tactical and really understand it. It’s that ability of moving around the spectrum and making sure that somehow you get back to the center…that’s the challenge – knowing when you have to go to one of the extremes.”

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