Bob Morris: Steeped in the Past with an Eye Firmly on the Future

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Bob Morris, CEO and founder of Oliphant Financial and co-founder of Beam software takes center stage with Michael Flock in the current episode of Capital Club Radio. Bob discusses his history in the debt buying industry as well as his view that any venture in this competitive and evolving space must be positioned for change and diversification. He shares how this philosophy has impacted the way he has managed the products and ventures he has developed over the years.

Here is a glimpse of what Bob shared in the interview.

Bob shares with Michael his thoughts about the early years at Oliphant: “Well before CFPB ever became the thing, or had any impact on this business… we were misleadingly friendly in our letters, but we wanted to immediately differentiate ourselves from being any sort of an old guard agency… and I’d like to think that’s how this business actually revolutionized the ARM industry.”

Bob comments on some of the biggest changes he has seen in the debt buying industry: “the biggest thing that happened was the qualitative measurements of paper – [the] method of quantifying it and qualifying it as a purchasable asset – changed.  Bank recovery managers would sell at various stages of the recovery cycle, which means you’ve got a huge price differential” 

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