Bill Sturm: Born into Collections

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Please join Michael Flock of FLOCK Specialty Finance as he interviews William (Bill) Sturm, COO of Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson & Hornik, LLP (Rausch, Sturm) located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Bill has been with Rausch, Sturm for over 25 years. Bill started with the company putting away files and has worked in every department. After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree, Bill became Collection Manager and then was promoted to Executive Director and ultimately promoted to COO, where he has overseen the entire firm’s operations for the past ten years.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has been honored as a speaker at the National Creditors Bar Association’s national conventions. He also founded the education track for collection managers for the National Creditors Bar Association and served as chair for six years. Bill is deeply involved in his community from sitting on the boards of non-profits to private clubs and is committed to making a difference. Bill resides in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

 Here is a glimpse of what Bill shared in the interview:

“And so, he’s taught me along the way that in order to be successful in whatever you do…Eight hours isn’t even close.”

“And so, my father taught me a lot about having a mental toughness of whatever you’re going through and in the fact that if you can control your fear and whatever else is racing through your mind, you can push forward into these uncomfortable situations as you grow as a human being.”

…”‘What are you thinking?’ Because those thoughts are really generating your feelings… And I use that a lot now as a business owner because you’re worried about everything that happens within a business.”

“‘Tell the truth’ really came from Manny Newburger… And so, we really make sure that, obviously, the company as well as my children know the value in telling the truth.”

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