Jennifer Priestly

Jennifer Lewis Priestley presents ‘The Evolution of Data in Decision Making’ at the 2020 RMAI Conference in Las Vegas

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FLOCK Specialty Finance continues their on-going commitment to Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) by being a Gold Sponsor, for the 6th year, at the 2020 RMAI Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

Additionally, Michael Flock sponsored guest speaker Jennifer Lewis Priestley, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Professor of Statistics and Executive Director of Analytics and Data Science Institute at Kennesaw State University, who presented The Evolution of Data in Decision Making.

Read her presentation where she discussed the changing environment of data and analytics, the massive growth in available data and how this growth is affected by what is stored, how data affects everything from credit decisions to what shows up in your Amazon recommended items, and how to consider and avoid bias in the results.

Click the link to see her presentation: 2020 RMAI Presentation – ‘The Evolution of Data in Decision Making’ by Jennifer Priestley

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