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Michael Flock Founders Club Radio InterviewRecently, Michael Flock was interviewed by Founders Club, a weekly radio show show spotlighting leaders of great private companies.

Hosted by John Coffin, co-founder and head of Corporate & Private Banking at Atlantic Capital Bank, Founders Club provides listeners an opportunity to gain valuable business insights and perspectives from CEOs and business founders on topics including growth, innovation, business development and strategic expansion. The show airs live every Wednesday at 10 a.m. on Business RadioX and is sponsored by Atlantic Capital Bank.

This week, our Founder, CEO, and Chairman Michael Flock joined and Prince Niyyar, Founder and President of Commdex as guests on Founders Club Radio.

Flock Specialty Finance provides capital and advisory services for middle market credit originators and debt buyers Commdex designs, implements and manages interoperability communication systems for emergency response entities, helping them respond to emergency events more quickly and efficiently in order to save lives.

Here is just a glimpse into what Michael Flock shared on the facets of being an entrepreneur:

It is much tougher, but the rewards are much greater because there is the joy of creation. You can get that in the corporate world, as I did at Dun & Bradstreet turning around their collection company, or at AT&T turning around a couple product lines and branch offices, but as an entrepreneur, when you put your life, your capital on the line — life may be an exaggeration — but I mean, I spent all my savings in five years getting started.

In my transition, I called it the ‘wilderness years’ from leaving Dun & Bradstreet to starting Flock Advisors. I spent a lot of time with private equity looking at deals. That was very expensive and tough because the deal world is very competitive, and I think in the corporate world you take for granted the infrastructure and the capital that is there. So it is much, much harder to start a business. But now that I have gotten over the hard part, every day has got its challenges, but we are very profitable now and we are doing really well. It’s actually so much fun, it’s not like work.

— Michael Flock

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FLOCK Specialty Finance is dedicated to alternative funding in a variety of specialty finance segments. FLOCK’s mission is to provide clients with capital and expertise for the purchase of both charged off debt portfolios as well as for the financing of subprime consumer obligations. FLOCK has funded over 600 portfolios since 2013.

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