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COVID-19: FLOCK Specialty Finance is Steady and Strong for You

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To our friends in the debt buying, credit and collections industries,

We hope you and your families are coping well during this sudden pandemic and time of unprecedented change and turbulence in the United States and the world.

FLOCK Specialty Finance is open for business. We stand ready to help you turn this adversity into opportunity for your companies. Our businesses are often countercyclical and usually perform well during downturns. So, it is important not to let our emotions and fears drive the wrong decisions. Instead, we should use this tipping point to have the courage to invest.

We saw similar opportunities after the dot-com bubble, the post 9/11 period, and the recession of 2008. Those who had the courage and foresight to invest in discounted assets then realized huge profits for years.

However, to succeed in this effort, having a solid relationship with creditors is crucial. As their need for cash increases, we will see a rapid growth in supply of debt portfolios for sale. With that new supply, prices will decline. Already we are seeing significant price reductions in major flows. Of course, while liquidations will decrease in the near term, volumes of debt will increase drastically, creating much opportunity for collection agencies and debt buyers alike.

We at FLOCK are ready to help with your capital needs and financing solutions. Our joint venture structure is a true partnership which requires no collateral other than the portfolios themselves. We can tailor this structure to meet your specific financial needs. We are nimble and can turnaround your purchases quickly. We are fair, flexible, and fast.

We have a decade of data and experience to help you underwrite the portfolios that you wish to purchase. Our team has all worked in this space and can walk your talk. That along with our flexible financing structure makes us easy to do business with. We not only are focused on transactions, but place value on long term relationships with you and your companies. We are more than just a transaction.

You may have seen our ads with a picture of a lighthouse and the caption about FLOCK: “Steady and Strong in a Volatile Market”. That is how you should view us during these tough times.

Please visit out our website at www.flockfinance.com, or call 770-644-0850.


God bless, and good luck.



Michael R. Flock
Chairman and CEO
FLOCK Specialty Finance

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