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I’m interested in professionals who are not just smart and effective but who are also highly ethical, relationship-oriented and who value the wisdom of community. I really like the following quote from the author, Scott Peck:

“When people experience community, they experience each other at a deeper level and they approach their tasks with a deeper sense of security and inspiration, resulting in something much greater than merely the sum of the parts.”

This is exactly how we’re trying to build FLOCK Specialty Finance to help transform our industry from rough and rigid to more fair and friendly. And, that’s why we created Capital Club Radio – as a way to showcase and learn from the people and companies in our market and others that are taking the high road and delivering better relationship value and better results because of it.

Since launching Capital Club Radio in 2015, we’ve interviewed over thirty business leaders from the debt buying industry and beyond. You can listen to them all, at any time, by clicking here. Recently, we culled and called out some of the most inspiring quotes about the wisdom of community. Click on any of the ‘Listen In’ buttons below to go directly to the respective interview.


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“All we are is a relationship business. We don’t make widgets. There’s nothing we’re buying and selling; it is a relationship business.”

David Ludwig, Founder of National Loan Exchange (NLEX).



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“There are many things that should align with the principle of ‘respect for the individual’; it always surprises me that people don’t see it. ‘Treat people well, they pay you money.’ I’ve always believed that compliance does not mean an inability to collect; it has to do with the way you go about the collection process. Even as a litigator — if someone treats you like a truthful, honest person you tend to testify like a truthful, honest person.”

Manny Newburger, Founding Shareholder and Vice President, Leader of Consumer Financial Services Law Practice Group at Barron & Newburger, P.C.


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“If you are open, mentors can be all types of people. They can be your employees or people who have made mistakes. My success came when I learned to talk to people and understand what they really wanted.”

Stacey Schacter, President & CEO of Vion Investments.



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“Purchasing a company is more than just understanding the numbers. It is about how things really work. Who has the relationships with whom and are they part of the acquisition?”

Matt Maloney, Co-Founder, President & Chief Investment Officer at the FFAM360 Group of Companies.



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“The common denominator for the good middle market collections agencies, law firms and debt buyers is the culture of servicing others. These companies have a spirit of compliance and wanting to help others. It can be observed by how they deal with both employees and consumers.”

Irwin Bernstein, Founder, CMS Services.



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