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A specialty finance company

We take an active leadership role in target markets where we participate and leverage our expertise, information, and capital, to design funding solutions for our clients. FLOCK Funding is a continuum of solutions that promotes the health of the financially underserved markets.

Our passion is making big things happen for our clients. We have the perseverance and grit to creatively solve the problems of the middle market. Our history of creative and resourceful solutions benefits our clients and investors alike.

Our team challenges the status quo by creating solutions for transactions traditional capital sources will not consider. We are driven to learn about our clients' businesses and explore new asset classes in an effort to increase value for our clients and investors.

What is the FLOCK Advantage?

Providing access to capital outside the traditional banking system, FLOCK has the knowledge to mitigate the risks associated with underserved markets and asset classes. 


The FLOCK Advantage
with Michael Flock - Chief Executive Officer

Our expertise allows FLOCK Specialty Finance to fund in areas that traditional capital sources have demonstrated an unwillingness to extend credit. Our proprietary funding solutions are derived from the projected value of the portfolio’s anticipated liquidation over time.

We serve industries that are underserved by traditional capital sources

It is our belief that the charged-off and below-prime market segments will continue to experience complexity due to the dynamics of our economy, government regulation and industry consolidation.

FLOCK Funding solutions take into consideration:

Cash flow and returns needed to create sustainable growth
Resources needed for compliance and industry best practices
The ability to scale asset class portfolio purchases

FLOCK actively funds:

Charged-Off Consumer Receivables | Auto Deficiency | Bankcard | C&D | DDA | Installment | LOC | Private Label | Retail | Telecom | Utilities | Marketplace Lending Products | Medical | Plaintiff Cash Advance | Judgements | Subprime Performing Portfolios | Merchant Cash Advance

Client underwriting criteria for approval

Potential clients must demonstrate strength in each of the following categories:

Track Record of Successful Performance

Successful Performance Track Record

Consistent Pipeline of Portfolio Purchases and Originations

Consistent Pipeline of Portfolio Purchases and Originations

Proven Financial Sustainability

Proven Financial Sustainability

  Prudent Leadership on an established Platform

Prudent Leadership on an established Platform

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